2018 Hai Yang ‘Li Hao Cup’ U12 National Football Elite Invitation Match is originate by Li Hao FC, through other FC joint discussion, it will take place at Shandong HaiYang Lihao football training base for 1 week on 23th – 30th July. Its main purpose is to provide exchange and learning opportunities for the 2012 National Games team members, so that they can gain more competition experiences

1Organizer: Haiyang Sports Bureau;
2Co-organizer: Shandong Haiyang Li Hao Football Club
3Collaborate Unit: Haiyang Football Sport Association

There’s total of 7 team nationwide from Super League U12 Professional team:
1Hebei-Huaxia Sports Club 06 Team
2Shandong-Luneng Sports Club 06 Team
3TianJing-QuanJian Sports Club 06 Team
4Guangzhou-Fuli Sports Club 06 Team
5Zhejiang-Lvzhou Sports Club 06 Team
6Tianjing-Taida Sports Club 06 Team
7Qingdao-Football Management Center 06 Team

Match date: 23rd July -30th July 2018
Match system: Single Round-Robin tournament System
Competition Rules: Played by two teams, each allowed no more than 11 players on the field at any one time, each allowed to substitute up to 6 players
A match is played in two 45 minute halves

Name Age Number Position
Tian Shangsong \ \ group leader
Yue Madi \ \ coach
Zhang Hebin 14 25 midfielder
Yao Can 14 22 back
Yang Shancheng 14 19 forward
Guo Jiong 14 18 midfielder
Fang Wangming 14 16 midfielder
Zhang Bo 14 14 back
Yu Youjiang 14 12 midfielder
Lai Zuming 14 11 forward
He Youming 14 10 forward
Su Junxiao 12 9 forward
Yang Yang 11 8 midfielder
Luo Benhang 13 7 midfielder
Dong Longhai 11 6 forward
Sha Guanhe 12 5 back
Feng Enlong 12 2 forward
Li Jihao 14 1 goalkeeper
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